Aqua Indonesia
Aqua Indonesia

  • aqua: Latin, meaning: water. 
  • Aqua is a Spanish girl name. The meaning of the name is `Water` The name Aqua doesn`t appear In the US top 1000 most common names over de last 128 years. The name Aqua seems to be unique!
  • A Pagan Perspective

Aqua is a variation of green
Green is the colour most commonly connected with nature and ecology.
It is used for money, prosperity, employment, fertility, self-knowledge, protection, healing, growth, youth, hope, spring, happiness, abundance, idealism, honour, immortality, balance, luck, calmness, love and personal appearance.
It symbolises: the Green Man; the Element Earth; the planets Venus and Mercury; gods and goddesses of vegetation and/or the forest; the day Friday; and the Zodiac sign Cancer.

Green is the colour we connect with our planet's fertility (it's the colour of chlorophyll), new beginnings, agriculture, and ecological magic.
The Norse saw it as organic life as well as the passage between worlds. It is also used in spells to improve the weather and when combined with silver and/or gold for financial gain.

  • Aqua was British, north-African Second World War slang for water.
  • Aqua is a brand of bottled drinking water (drinking water) produced by Aqua Golden Mississippi in Indonesia since 1973. Besides Indonesia, Aqua is also sold in Singapore. Aqua is a brand of drinking water with the largest sales in Indonesia and is one of the most famous brand of drinking water in Indonesia, which has become like a generic brand for drinking water. In Indonesia, there are 14 factories that produce Aqua.